Nostalgia room

Historic charm, classic ambiance, authentic living experience from back then.

Nostalgia room

Step into the world of yesteryear with our nostalgic rooms, where traditional charm and history come alive. In these specially designed rooms, which are suitable for 1 to 6 people, you will experience the feeling of living in the past. Every detail of the classic interior reflects the spirit and style of a bygone era, from the lovingly selected pieces of furniture to the authentic decorative items.

Our nostalgic rooms are an homage to traditional home decor, with a touch of romance and nostalgia. They offer a unique experience that will make you feel like you've stepped back in time. The rooms are deliberately kept simple to preserve the historic ambiance and have shared showers and toilets in the corridor, as was once common.

This category is perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and crave old-time charm. They offer a contrast to modern life and enable guests to step into a world characterized by simplicity and peace. Although the rooms are in traditional style, we've made sure to keep them comfortable and cozy so you can feel right at home.

The nostalgic rooms are ideal for families, couples or small groups looking for unusual and authentic accommodation. Here, you can pause time and absorb the stories and memories that lie within the walls of this historic house.

We cordially invite you to stay in our nostalgic rooms and take a trip back in time. Experience the special flair and warm atmosphere that make these rooms an unforgettable place for your stay.”

  • Shared bathroom use
  • Extensive breakfast
  • In the evening, a choice between two menus
  • The most beautiful panoramic views
  • Cosy Dining Room & Winter Gardens
  • Large Panoramic Sun Terrace
  • Cellar bar
  • Lounge with Open Fireplace
  • Relaxing wellness area
  • Free parking in the valley at the Smaragdbahn valley station
  • Drying Room & Ski Cellar
  • Pick up your luggage at the Smaragdbahn mountain station (in winter)
  • Free WiFi throughout the house
  • Passenger Lift in the House

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